logo design trends as seen in famous logo redesigns

Like fashion styles, logo design trends come and go. What’s hip one year can look tacky and outdated the next. To determine which design trends are popular and on the rise, we looked at the logo redesigns of big brands — you know, the brands with huge budgets to invest in marketing and branding. These brands include Instagram, Netflix, Taco Bell, Kodak, Uber, Mastercard, and Aldi. If these brands use certain design trends in their logo redesigns, you can bet they carefully researched and planned every detail.

By choosing subtle design changes, you can maintain the essence of your brand while adapting it to modern tastes. If you’re thinking about updating your logo, consider using some of these design trends.

These design trends are:

-Clean, bold typography: San serif is especially popular
-Geometric shapes: Circles, square, triangles
-Use of the monoline: One line
-Negative space: Blank space to convey shapes -Duotones: Two colors
-Flat design: Two-dimensional formatting

Logo Design Trends (As Seen in Famous Logo Redesigns) #Infographic

Infographic by: www.logomaker.com
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Morning bell for marketers your back to school advertising cheat sheet

With back to school budgets on the rise, retailers face an optimistic outlook heading into the summer months. Class might be dismissed for the summer, but now is the time for advertisers to hit the books and craft a strategic digital advertising strategy informed by the complex seasonality nuances of back-to-school season. The big trends to watch this year: Back to school shoppers are spending more, shopping earlier and doing their homework (that is, researching products) beforehand.

Morning Bell for Marketers: Your Back-to-School Advertising Cheat Sheet #Infographic

Infographic by: www.bazaarvoice.com
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The new customer journey infographic

The consumer decision journey has changed. Connections with local consumers now start online-initiating relationships that lead prospects to your dealers, agents, stores, and other local providers. Bazaarvoice Local enables you to spark and own the online conversation-mobilizing local providers to sell your product more effectively.

The New Customer Journey #Infographic

Infographic by: www.bazaarvoice.com
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keyword research still kicking and very alive

Sometimes, it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than nailing the right keyword to further your research. That’s when you need to understand the hacks of keyword research to put you in the spotlight of search results. The following infographic from OVT Keywords takes a in-depth look at keyword research.

Keyword Research: Still Kicking and Very Alive #Infographic

Infographic by: www.ovtkeywords.com
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How consumers reward responsive brands

Responding to feedback (especially critical feedback) improves shopper perception of the product, brand, and seller – and more than doubles purchase intent among shoppers who read negative reviews. Analysis of over 100,000 reviews and 1,600 surveys prove the power of responsiveness.

How Consumers Reward Responsive Brands #Infographic

Infographic by: www.bazaarvoice.com
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what actually makes consumers to follow your corporate brand

Branding is an important strategy to promote your business on every scale. Both startups and large corporations are eager to find an interesting way to promote their brand to masses. Their need is fulfilled by multiple strategic campaigns, including corporate branding and social media marketing (SMM).

A positive experience on the web turns your visitor into your potential customer. It is believed that if a visitor engages whether by participating in a contest or by liking the brand on Facebook, he recommends brand to his friend circle. That certainly depends upon his/her web experience.

This infographic created by Dubai monsters lays down a handy example of what makes consumer follow a corporate brand.

What Actually Makes Consumers to Follow Your Corporate Brand? #Infographic

Infographic by: dubaimonsters.com
You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

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