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CallRail logo that links to the CallRail homepage in a new tab.CallRail is a call tracking software with trackable phone numbers, local minutes, and text message credits. It also offers marketing and conversation analytics, enabling businesses to make more intelligent choices in their campaign spending. Monthly fees for basic features start at $45, including 10 local numbers, 500 local minutes, and 100 text messages. Based on our CallRail review, we found that it’s a great choice for tracking campaigns and leads.

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CallRail Overview

What We Recommend CallRail For

CallRail provides vital information on which marketing strategies and channels work best for your business. It is best for companies that do not mind paying more for a service inclusive of essentials, like trackable phone numbers and usage credits for calls and texts.

When to Use CallRail

  • Companies needing a subscription-based call tracking solution with free phone numbers: CallRail offers packages that come with trackable phone numbers and usage credits for calls and texts. It also allows users to exceed their usage with added per-minute fees—letting them pay only for what they need and consume. It is among our list of the best call tracking software.
  • Healthcare organizations and businesses: CallRail is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant, ensuring your customers’ sensitive data is kept private and secured.
  • Businesses that rely on various marketing efforts and channels in driving conversations and sales: If you are looking for a platform to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and communicate with your customers, CallRail is for you. It provides comprehensive insights that include your caller’s relevant information, such as source and purchase journey.

When CallRail Might Not Be a Good Fit

  • Growing companies looking for a scalable call tracking software: If your business does not mind paying a higher rate for a more robust platform, then CallTrackingMetrics is for you. It comes with artificial intelligence (AI) for keyword identification and offers local and toll-free numbers in more than 80 countries.
  • Small teams that do not need text messaging capabilities and are looking for a cheaper call tracking software: CallRail’s pricing is steeper than most providers, making it expensive for small teams that prioritize their limited budgets. Those who do not utilize text messages in their marketing campaigns may look into Retreaver. Note that Retreaver does not feature the anti-spam detection that CallRail has.
  • Businesses looking for a pay-as-you-go plan with advanced routing options: If you need advanced tools that CallRail lacks, such as geo-routing and outbound tracking numbers, check out Convirza. It also provides a call flow builder that other providers, such as CallTrackingMetrics, offer at higher rates.

Interested in other voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) systems? Check out our best business phone systems list to determine which product is best for your needs.

CallRail Pricing

CallRail offers four packages for various needs, where fees start at $45 per month. Its first plan has four tiers that are based on increasing usage. All plans come with monthly credits, including local numbers, local minutes, and text messages. Additional fees apply for excess use.

*Monthly pricing excludes additional usage fees.
**Additional usage available for an added monthly fee. This includes up to 50 local numbers, 6,000 local minutes, and 500 text messages.

Users subscribed to the Analytics Suite can add the Lead Center for the complete CallRail platform experience for an additional monthly fee of $30 (for one to two agents) per agent, or $40 (for three or more agents) per agent.

CallRail’s pricing page makes it difficult to compare its packages as you have to click on separate offerings. Other providers, such as CallTrackingMetrics, display features and inclusions in one view. Its pricing is steeper than alternatives, like WhatConverts, but it provides 100 text messages that the said competitor lacks.

Choose from the drop-down below to discover more about its plans:

CallRail Features

CallRail comes with some of the top VoIP phone features, including VoIP calling, texting, IVR, call recording, and analytics. It also provides comprehensive features for monitoring marketing campaigns and call conversions, as well as essential inclusions such as trackable phone numbers and call minutes.

Its platform is safe for marketers working for healthcare institutions as it is HIPAA-compliant. Additionally, CallRail signs a business associate agreement (BAA) with all their HIPAA customers to fulfill the said statute’s requirements.

Image of CallRail dashboard.

CallRail integrates with popular third-party software, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Marketo.
(Source: CallRail)

CallRail’s packages include WordPress and Wix plugins and other tools to enable users to connect its platform to the existing software they utilize in their workflows. It allows API and webhooks access and integrates with widely used apps, including Zapier, Google Analytics, Slack, and Facebook.

However, not all tools supported can be connected to its software for free. For instance, premium software—like Salesforce—costs an additional $65 per month. If these extra fees turn you off, you can look into other providers, such as Retreaver.

CallRail provides robust call tracking features that enable users to match incoming calls and texts to your marketing efforts and channels. This capability allows you to measure your campaign’s effectiveness for more optimized strategies.

CallRail utilizes dynamic number insertion (DNI) to monitor online activity, such as keywords, emails, social media posts, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. You can also track offline marketing pieces, such as brochures, mailers, and billboards. Through CallRail, you can discover information such as a call’s source and your lead’s name, number, and location.

CallRail enables users to easily measure their marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) in just a few clicks. By tying its trackable numbers to data from a source—like a session, campaign, or keyword—it displays a caller’s purpose for the call. Moreover, users can determine if their callers discovered an offer in any of their marketing channels, such as a flyer or a website.

CallRail’s caller timeline includes various information.

CallRail’s caller timeline includes various information, such as name, number, location, and date and time of the first call.
(Source: CallRail)

Let’s discuss its two types below:

  • Source-level tracking: It provides information as to which campaigns inspire most of the conversations—via channels, like calls and texts—to your business.
  • Visitor-level tracking: It shows the overall effectiveness of your campaign by tracking your customer’s path to purchase.

CallRail lets you determine the specific moment your leads became customers through multi-channel lead attribution. It displays each interaction they had with your online and offline marketing efforts that led brand discovery to purchase.

Apart from CallRail’s capability to gather data on your campaign’s effectiveness, it also provides views on multi-touch cost per lead, letting you know which marketing efforts are worth it. Additionally, you can classify your leads from your phone through its keypad scoring feature.

Image of graph on CallRail Calls by Agent page.

CallRail displays information on the total calls per agent, which you can filter based on various factors, such as company and dates.
(Source: CallRail)

CallRail also offers insights into your team’s performance. One of these capabilities is an operational reporting tool that helps businesses ensure there are available agents during peak call times. It also displays data on your teams’ and agents’ productivity metrics. Users can access analytics from anywhere through its mobile app.

CallRail comes with features that help improve lead communication. It has a call recording functionality that automatically captures your conversations as well as notifications that provide real-time alerts when your leads contact you. You can also track your missed calls from your dashboard, enabling you to return the calls promptly.

CallRail’s Lead Center provides a unified inbox for calls, texts, and chat messages.

CallRail’s Lead Center provides a unified inbox for calls, texts, and chat messages, which you can access and manage from anywhere via its Android or iOS mobile app.
(Source: CallRail)

Other features include whisper messages—preparing your team before answering calls by providing relevant data. Additionally, CallRail’s anti-spam detection feature avoids spam to keep your records’ accuracy.

CallRail Alternatives

Looking for more options to consider? Read our list of the best call center software to determine which product suits your needs.

What Users Think of CallRail

Most CallRail user reviews commend it for being an excellent call tracking software, specifically for monitoring leads and campaigns. It is best for small businesses looking for a robust platform that captures conversions from marketing efforts across channels, including calls and forms. Those not focused on price appreciate its value as it provides inclusions that other providers don’t. For instance, WhatConverts does not offer 100 text messages, unlike CallRail.

At the time of publication, CallRail has earned the following scores on popular user review sites:

Many users like its platform’s ease of use and comprehensiveness. They appreciate that it has various tools they need, including integrations, lead and conversion tracking, and detailed reports. There are mixed reviews on its customer support, where the majority mentioned that its team is very knowledgeable and helpful in addressing their needs. A few others complained, however, sharing that not all agents are skilled in handling issues.

Bottom Line

CallRail is an excellent option for companies looking for a call tracking software offered in all-inclusive, subscription-based packages. Unlike other providers, such as CallTrackingMetrics, it provides phone numbers, call minutes, and text credits in their plans. If your business needs a straightforward platform for analyzing calls, conversations, and marketing efforts, CallRail is worth checking out. Try its software for free for 14 days to determine if it matches your needs.

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