Google Compliance Secrets: The Ultimate Marketing Playbook To Stay Google Compliant, Never Get Banned, And Access Hidden Google Ads Traffic Reserved Only For Trustworthy Advertisers

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Running Ads on Google or Youtube and your traffic seems ‘stuck’ in low gear? Or your best ads keep getting disapproved? Then you NEED ‘Google Compliance Secrets’ if you want to go from a six to seven figure business.

If you are looking to flood your website and sales funnel with the unlimited, premium traffic from Google, Youtube, or Facebook, then using the secrets of policy compliance is the key to unlocking the bots hidden traffic they keep reserved only for trustworthy advertisers.  ‘The Big Three’ networks all have algorithms that have programmed bots to scan all your ads, websites, and accounts for compliance as a part of their quality score assessment.  For every policy violation or high risk score given to your account, these networks will restrict how much converting traffic you will get. 

If your advertising is not compliant, your Quality Scores could take a hit of 50% or more and you could be missing out on millions of impressions an HOUR and hundreds of daily sales, simply because your non-compliance makes you ineligible for the premium, robust traffic Google, Facebook, and Youtube offer their most trustworthy internet marketers.

In this book, Google Compliance Secrets, you will learn the secrets to create a Google Compliant website that NEVER gets banned and how to use your compliant website to crush your competition, leaving them bewildered as to how you are getting so much traffic.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How To Use Google Compliance To Unlock Google Display Network’s Closely Guarded Publishing Sites that Hold Over 90% of all Conversions on Google Ads

  • How Facebook Enticed Google Policy Employees to Defect Over To Facebook So They Could Implement Google’s Same Policy Rules

  • How To Land 10/10 Google Search Quality Scores Using The Secrets Of Compliance To Drastically Raise Your Ad Rankings   

  • EXACTLY How To Create A Google Compliant Website Without Killing Your Conversions

  • Four Website Design Secrets That, If You Do Them, Will Avoid Every Website Violation That Will Stop Your Traffic

  • How To Create Hard-Hitting Google Compliant Sales Copy That Converts But Doesn’t Violate The Misleading Claims Policy

  • How To Structure Make Money, Supplement, and Affiliate Offers Google’s Policy Team Will Love

  • How Google’s Policy Team Works and How To Get Reinstated From A Suspension or Disapproved Website And Get Back In Google’s Good Graces

  •  How One Of My Clients Spent Five Million Dollars in One hour After Accessing Google Hidden Traffic…

…and Much, Much More!

In the last eight years alone, Google has banned more than 12 billion advertisers, websites, accounts, and ads. I was one of these 12 billion-plus swept up into Google’s wrath against advertisers that violate their policies.

I had to fight to learn what I did wrong, correct it, then convince Google’s Advertising Team to reinstate my Google Ads account.  Fortunately, I won.  And over the last 11 years, I have taught hundreds of marketers and small businesses how to do the same.

All the major networks are moving toward Google’s same policy enforcement rules for advertisers and websites.  Marketers are being forced on all platforms to market compliantly, and the days of the “wild, wild, west” of crazy clickbait ads are at it’s end.

This book will keep your website and marketing evergreenly compliant and converting for the future.

Buy Today and Learn How To Create A Google Compliant Website and Get Back On Google Ads

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