Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories - HID/LED Resistors 9007

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Product Description



Resistors are required on certain vehicles where LED bulbs are installed and causing these issues:

FlickeringStrobingError CodesShutting off while driving

Vehicles that need resistors include:

2008+ American/German Vehicles

*While there are some vehicles that fit that description, some may not require resistors, whereas some vehicles not listed may require resistors dependent on any above symptoms

Working with all LED bulbs, they are made to work plug and play with no issues! Installed in between the OEM harness and the LED bulb plug, then mounted on metal!

Please choose the corresponding size as your current LED bulb!


Warnings! Must Read!

Resistors get VERY hot once turned on.

Please mount the orange resistor onto METAL with a metal screw ONLY.

If inserted inside housing or touching it can and will melt rubber/plastics.

Resistors are required for LED and HID kits in 2008+ American/German vehicles.
Resistors correct the power from and to the vehicle to eliminate LED/HID strobing or flickering.
Plug and Play System. Our resistor kits are made to plug directly inline into your vehicles harness and into our LED kits. Check your owner’s manual, or the LED kit you have to confirm the resistor type that you need for your desired replacement.
Resistors get EXTREMELY hot. Install it on metal (not touching any plastic, rubber, wires or moving parts)
Our products include a 1-year warranty, and lifetime technical support through Elite Vision Advanced Automotive Accessories!



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