Digital Storytelling: The Rise of User-Generated Content

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Did you know that consumers find user-generated content almost ten times more impactful then scripted content marketing?

More memorable than other types of media, user-generated content (UGC) influences how we vote, how we choose new shows to watch, and even affects our sense of reality. With the amount of personal narrative-driven UGC we consume, it’s worth asking, “Do we know who’s creating the content we love on social media?” In Digital Storytelling: The Rise of User-Generated Content, marketing expert Karam Singh Sethi outlines three types of storytellers: The Nefarious Storyteller (criminals and sometimes politicians), The Socially-Conscious Storyteller (activists and entrepreneurs), and The Self-Infatuated Storyteller (reality TV stars and big brands), providing a structure in which to analyze content creators. 

In this book you will learn:

  • How to become a more discerning social media user
  • How to break into the field of marketing
  • What types of storytellers exist in business, politics, and popular culture
  • How to tell authentic stories for personal life and business

The current state of the digital ecosystem has allowed for a unique opportunity. If we can better understand the current creator economy, we can become more conscious content consumers and empower creators that better align with our values.

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