Zepp E Square Smart Watch Health and Fitness Tacker with Heart Rate, SpO2 and REM Sleep Monitoring, Stainless Steel Body, Leather Band, Moon Gray, 43.3 × 35.7 × 9.0mm (W1958OV5N)

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Zepp E Square smart watch is composed of unique 3D pure black front glass and integrated metal case and back, Zepp E is a minimalistic but stylish accessory that’s as eye-catching as you are. When you wear it, you will experience the motivation and convenience of health management and activity tracking features, which motivate you to keep an active life and glowing from the inside out. It’s a timepiece that elevates your overall look and mood, while keeps tracking of your body status.

BLOOD OXYGEN SATURATION MEASUREMENT: SpO2 is an important indicator of health, especially in high-altitude and low-oxygen environments or while performing high-intensity sports. With Zepp E, you can measure your current blood-oxygen saturation instantly from your wrist.
SLEEP QUALITY MONITORING: Monitor light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement (REM), and awake time. It also provides you a score on sleep quality and breathing quality. It even monitors your 20-minute nap during the day.
7-DAY BATTERY LIFE: Zepp E endures for up to 7 days in typical usages mode for a single full charge, which free you from the daily recharge.
NOTIFICATIONS AND ALARMS: You will also receive notifications when your heart rate exceeds the recommended limit. Zepp E Circle receives notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages and other applications without having the phone; sedentary reminders if you’ve been sitting too long.
Included components: User Manual
Connectivity technology: Bluetooth



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