Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G 5G Signal Booster Verizon 4G LTE Network Extender Verizon Cell Phone Booster Band 13 Cell Booster Verizon Extenders Repeater Yagi Antennas Boost Data+Call for Home

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Product Description

verizon cell phone signal boosterverizon cell phone signal booster

verizon network extenderverizon network extender

FUSTAR Cell Phone Signal Booster for 4G 5G Verizon Wireless / Straight Talk Band 13 for All North American Users.

The cell phone booster verizon signal booster antenna kit can solve the cellular Poor Cell Reception Problem.

verizon cell phone extenderverizon cell phone extender

FUSTAR Cell Phone Signal Booster Verizon Network Extender for All North American Users

Signal Booster Specifications

Item Name :Cell phone signal boosterModel : NWV70Cell Service Provider: Verizon Wireless, Straight TalkNetwork : LTE 4G 5GFrequency Band: Band 13Frequency Range:Uplink 776-787MHz;Downlink 746-757MHzCompatible Devices: Android/iPhone/Tablet PC/Windows PhoneBooster Gain: 65dBAntennas Type : Outdoor Directional Yagi antenna, Indoor Omni-directional Whip antenna

Cell Phone Booster Technical Parameters

AGC (Automatic Gain Control):Uplink:-45.00 Downlink:-56.00

Power Supply:110 V input,12V output

Power Output: 17dBm(Uplink ),10dBm(Downlink)

Impedance: 50ohm

Booster I/O Port: SMA-Female

Working Temperature :-13℉~131℉

Approved FCC Certification

verizon signal booster

verizon signal booster

verizon cell signal booster

verizon cell signal booster

cell phone booster for home

cell phone booster for home

verizon cell phone booster

verizon cell phone booster

Improves Cell Reception & Fewer Dropped Calls & Faster Internet

✔ Improves Cell Reception for Verizon LTE 4G 5G, Get Faster DATA than ever.

✔ Improves VOICE quality, Fewer Dropped Calls , Get clearer calls at home .

✔No more buffer time , Helpful to extend cell battery life .

✔ Faster streaming video , surfing the internet ,sharing photos ,Apps Downloading & Uploading.

Extend Cell Signal Coverage for All buildings & Multiple Enjoyments

✔ Supports for Multi-users Simultaneously , Multiple enjoyment for family and friends.

✔ Extend Signal Coverage up to 3000 sq.ft for 2-4 Rooms with Good signals.

✔ Excellent cell booster, High Gain 65dB, Auto Gain Control , Interference Elimination, Inactivity Mode. Low Noise.

✔ Perfect for using at Home | Office | Basement | Garage | Village | Store | Rural Area | Suburbs… All Buildings

EASY to install, Attentions for the Antennas Placement and Distance

Place Yagi antenna 7-10 ft above the Building / Roofing.Yagi should towards the nearest Verizon Cell Tower/ Base Station.Keep the indoor antennas at least 7-10 ft away from window.Thick Wall / high-density objects separate the Two antenna.The Isolation by distance between the two antennas is 32ft ( the best)

All parts included in the package

1 x Cell phone signal booster – White

1 x Outdoor Yagi Antenna

1 x Indoor Whip Antenna

1 x 50ft 4D-FB Outdoor Coaxial cable N-SMA-Black

1 x Power Supply 12V

2 x U-Bolts with screws (approx 2.5 inches width)

1 x Instruction Manual

verizon cell extenderverizon cell extender


The APPs can help you check out Best Signal Location at Outside and the Cell Tower direction as well .

The Present Operating Cell Phone Network Frequency should be the SAME as the cell booster’s ( Band 13) , Required Outdoor basic signal level 2-3 bars .

App 1: LTE Discovery

App 2: Network Cell Info Lite

App 3 : Open Signal


Q: How to register the cell booster with Serial Number ?

A: Not all of consumers are required to register the booster. It depends on the requirement at your location.

The Guides to signal booster Registration:

Step 1: Open the following registeration link given ,

Step 2: Find out cell carriers(Verizon Wireless / Straight talk ) that compatible with your booster. Click and Enter

Step 3: Fill in your Location informations as required. and fill in Booster’s Serial Number .Very easy to register.

Please note : Serial Number is the FCC ID ( you can find FCC ID on the Label of cell booster device ).

verizon extender verizon extender

▶【Improves Phone Call Quality & Say Goodbye to Dropped / Missed Calls 】The cell phone booster verizon cell extender can improve Voice quality of the network 4G 5G Band 13. Improves the calling quality, Makes your cell phone calling signals clearer, No longer need to be near the windows or go outside to make phone calls. Good solution to Get clearer cell Voice at home ! The verizon cell booster is a Good solution for improving cell reception and phone calls !
▶【Excellent Performance Verizon Booster & Directional Yagi & Easy Install】The verizon signal booster Max. Gain 65dB for Standard Home Use.The cell phone extenders signal booster has excellent performances includes Auto Gain Control, Inactivity Mode,Low Noise.The Included 50ft 4D-FB coax cable is high speed transmission and Low loss, can be extended to 100ft Max.The verizon cell phone repeater directional outdoor Yagi antenna should towards the Verizon Cell Tower.Easy to Set Up
▶【Extend Cell Signal Coverage & Large Improvements 】The home verizon extenders signal booster kit will fill an area inside the house up to 3000sqft. Allows to cover 2-4 Rooms with Good signals.Boosts weak signal from 1-2 Bars to 4-5 Bars. The inside signal coverage will be various base on the Outside signal level,Building isolation effects and the Height of outdoor antenna located. Perfect for using at Home/Basement/Garage/Office/Cabin/Village/Factory/Remote Area…any buildings of weak signals.
▶【Supports Multi-users & 2-Year Warranty & Approved FCC certification】The cell phone antenna signal booster verizon 4g lte network extender work with Any brand of iPhone Android Tablet PC Windows Phone.Supports for Multi users at the same time. All accessories included . Accepted 30 Days Money Back,90 Days Replacement. 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty by FUSTAR. Any Question or Your Experience less than perfect in Anyway,Please do contact us

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