Take a break for some trivia with our latest baseball quiz

In this quiz, we will shake things up a bit. Each of the questions offers the same three answers: over, under or the same. Sounds easy, right? I’m no oddsmaker, but I’m going to say the over/under for correct answers is seven. Email me or tweet me and tell me how you did.

Here’s the Chicago Nine:

1. Jose Abreu had 15 home runs at the All-Star break. How does that compare with his per-season average at the break in the last six seasons?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

2. At the All-Star break, the Cubs were below .500 at 44-46 (sigh). In the eight seasons since 2013 (excluding 2020 and including 2021), which is true?

a. The Cubs have had more seasons above .500 than below at the break.

b. The Cubs have had more seasons below .500 than above at the break.

c. The Cubs have had the same number of seasons above and below .500 at the break.

3. Since 2010, Addison Reed has had the most saves for the Sox at the break. Liam Hendriks has 23 this season. How does that total compare with Reed’s?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

4. This season at the break, the Sox had allowed 339 runs. The last time the Sox won the World Series was in 2005. How do the 2021 Sox’ runs allowed compare with the 2005 Sox’ runs allowed at the break?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

5. Like this season, Kris Bryant was an All-Star in 2015, 2016 and 2019. This season, he had walked 33 times before the break. How does that compare with his lowest total in his previous All-Star seasons?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

6. At the break in 2007, David Ross was hitting .196 (41-for-209). While he wasn’t an All-Star, it was the most hits Rossy had before the break. How do those 41 hits compare with Tony La Russa’s career hit total in his 132 games?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

7. Shohei Ohtani and Anthony Rizzo are both left-handed hitters. At the break, Ohtani had 33 homers and Rizzo 10 (and they both pitched well). How do Ohtani’s homers against lefties compare with Rizzo’s overall homer total?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

8. Dylan Cease, Lucas Giolito, Dallas Keuchel and Carlos Rodon each had seven victories at the break, and Lance Lynn had nine. That’s five pitchers with seven-plus victories. How does five compare with the total number of pitchers with at least seven victories in the rest of the American League Central?

a. Over b. Under c. Same

9. Is it just my imagination, or does Javy Baez strike out a lot? It does feel that 115 times is excessive — or is it? How does it compare with the highest total of any Cub at the break?

a. Over b. Under c. Same


1. UNDER – Abreu averaged 17.33 dingers. 2. SAME – The Cubs were above .500 in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 and below .500 in the other four seasons. 3. UNDER – In 2013, Reed had 24 saves. 4. SAME – They each allowed 339 runs. 5. UNDER – It’s the fewest walks Bryant has had at any season at the break. 6. OVER – La Russa went 35-for-176 (.199) in his career. 7. OVER – Ohtani hit 11 homers against lefties. 8. OVER – The Indians had Shane Bieber and Aaron Civale, the Twins had Jose Berrios and the Royals and the Tigers had none. 9. OVER – Baez exceeded his 2019 total of 108, which was the previous high. Since 2016, Baez’s whiff total has been higher at the break in every season: 54, 68, 91, 108 and 115.

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