Improved 2021 Shower Phone Holder Case 360° Rotation Touch Screen, Wall or Mirror Mount for Viewing Access in Shower Kitchen Bathtub, Waterproof and Anti-Fog, Cell Phone Universal Accessory (Blue)

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If you’re looking for ways to conveniently watch movies, listen to music, browse YouTube, scroll through TikTok, and much more while in the showers or tub, then look no further! The Improved 2021 Shower Phone Holder Case 360° Rotation allows you to do all that with ease. {Easy to Install} Simply wipe dry the area and peel the sticker off from the backing of the holder. Then stick, and you’re done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy {Upgraded Opening Mechanism} Forget the days of breaking a nail trying to open a stuck cover. With the upgraded opening mechanism, simply press the top middle spot of the shower phone holder to watch it pop open seamlessly. {Waterproof / Anti-Fog / Superb Sound Quality / Access your phone’s Voice Commands} In order for us to bring the best products for our clientele, we ensured our shower phone holder is waterproof to protect your valuable cell phones from water splashes. Also, the quality materials we use prevents the phone holder’s screen from fogging up, allowing you to still enjoy HD clear videos from your cell phone. Pair this with the unique structure of the holder which allows sound to clearly reach your ears, and you have an amazing viewing experience in the shower, bathtub, kitchen, or anywhere else you desire to stick the holder {High Sensitivity Touch Screen} Still be able to access your phone while its in the holder! Proven and tested, even with wet fingers from the shower or tub, the sensitive touch screen of the holder will still allow you to use your phone. {Universal Compatibility} Fits majority of universal cell phones under 7 inches, from the popular Iphone to the trust Samsung {Versatile Locations} Thanks to the top-grade adhesive, the phone holder can be used in many other locations around the house, office, or any rooms you desire. Doing your makeup to a tutorial on Youtube? Stick it on the mirror to free up your hands! Following a recipe online? Stick it onto the kitchen wall so you won’t miss a step!

{Can still use Voice Commands} Even with the phone inside the holder, Siri & Google Assistant & Bixby & other voice recognition programs can still hear you. Extremely convenient experience!
{Waterproof & Anti-Fog & Touch Screen} With high-quality ABS and PET materials, your phone will be protected from any shower moisture and will be completely visible in the holder. Superb picture quality with no fog ruining the experience. Ultra sensitive touch screen capability allows you to continue using your phone while protected inside the holder(Not recommended for use underwater)
{Superior Sound Quality} The unique design of the holder allows sound to be played from the phone while in the holder. Enjoy a wide variety of movies, videos, music, and many more without distorting the sound quality
{Incredible Range of Phone Compatibility} New wider design allows for a huge range of phones that can fit comfortably. Users of the Iphone 12 series, Iphone 11 series, Samsung Galaxy S21/S20, Samsung Galaxy Note20 series, OnePlus 9/OnePlus 8, Google Pixel 5/Google Pixel 4a, and any other phones under 7inches can use without any concerns

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