Topfit for Tesla Model Y Door Side Storage Box Door Handle Car Door Organizer Tray Protector (Rubber)Model Y Accessories(2PCS)

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Topfit Brand Tesla Accessories:Designing exclusive accessories for various Tesla models

Our story

How we got our start?

“Topfit” means “Top Adaptation”, and was founded by Tesla superfans and Tesla owners: a factory outlet serving primarily the Tesla community with the best Tesla accessories for your Tesla car.

What makes our product unique?

To better experience the product, we buy M3,MY,MS and MX, and every product you see is developed by us independently according to the model (OEM). And we have tested and modified many times in our cars before we put them on the market. Our aim is more possibilities for Tesla.

Why we love what we do?

We don’t just make parts for Tesla, we are also Tesla owners and fans.It’s our responsibility to provide a better experience for Tesla owners.

OEM Design-Specially designed for tesla model y, accurate measurement and tested multiple times,perfectly fits the door storage.
Perfect protection-Protect your door storage space from dirt, abrasion by sharp objects, and easy cleaning.
Easy to install:Just put it in the storage space by the door and easy to remove.
High quality silicone:Waterproof, can store frozen drinks, can be taken off and rinsed directly with water, easy to clean.
Don’t hesitate, add a protective cover to your car’s interior.

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