GEERUI for 4PCS Advanced Threshold Protection Sticker Reflective Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sticker Decorative Door Entry Guard Door Threshold Scratch Pad Film for Toyota Corolla. (White-4PCS)

(as of – Details)

-4PCS carbon fiber stickers
-Front door Size:23.6 X 2.7 Inch (2 pcs)
-Rear door Size:15.7 X 2.7 Inch (2 pcs)
-1 small plastic scraper.

Easy installation:
(1)Clean the target surface.
(2)when you installing a sticker you can sprinkle some water on the back of sticker then you can move stickers freely to avoid it reaching the wrong position.
(3)Tear off the protection film from background and stick on metal part of original door sill of your car.
(4)Smooth the surface. It is easier to use a small scraper after pasting to smooth the surface of the sticker.

Note:(1)Do not wash the car with water in 24 hours!
(2)If the temperature is lower than 60 ° F (16 ° C), please use a hair dryer to heat the carbon fiber film to achieve the best adhesion effect.

We provide one year return service, if you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

Carbon fiber vinyl sill trim for Toyota Corolla. Decorative sill protectors cover existing scratches and prevent your door panels from abrasion and scratching the original car paint.
Protect the inner sill from scratches / scratches when you enter or exit the vehicle.It is reflective for your car. It is also can highlight the beauty of car body. At the same time, it is smooth and easy to clean. Whether it is dust or dirt, cleaning the surface with a brush rag slightly, it will become new immediately.
Easy to install. The sill cover is made of carbon fiber vinyl, has strong adhesion, is waterproof and scratch resistant, and is not easy to crack.
Packaging: 4 * car threshold (2 front doors, 2 rear doors) + a small scraper as a gift.

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