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Why You Should Consider a D2C Marketing Strategy

Direct to consumer (DTC or D2C) marketing involves a supplier getting a product directly to consumers, without the use of any intermediaries (like retailers). Direct to consumer brands, in this way, have deeper relationships with their customer base and are able to quickly implement changes to products and services offered based on customer feedback. In traditional business models, information typically gets lost along the way between manufacturers and consumers. Middlemen handle the customer service, marketing, and sale of products, lessening the control of suppliers over much of the business process. Direct to consumer brands, on the other hand, have ownership of the entire process and even end up saving money in the long-run. New businesses that are trying to stay on top of their  expenses should look to the direct to consumer route as a cost-effective way to connect with consumers. One of the most striking D2C examples comes from mattress brand Casper, that shook up the mattr