Instagram's Upcoming AR Effects Feature is Already being Praised!

Instagram's Upcoming AR Effects Feature is Already being Praised!

Instagram is at it again! The Media sharing service has been on fire over the past several months, introducing exciting features. Well, there’s nothing different today and we might soon get introduced to another exhilarating feature. 

Code Hacker Jane Manchun Wong recently posted a tweet, according to which Instagram is working on augmented reality (AR) Effects Previewing UI. The new UI will feature a “Try It” button, along with “Share” and “Save” buttons.

The “Try It” button will allow you to try the AR Effects through Stories Camera. You can then save the Effects which you like, in the Stories Camera Effects Tray, by using the “Save” button. Wong also attached a screenshot of this new UI, including the options (buttons) that were explained above. 

Instagram is testing AR Effects previewing UI, comes with "Try It", Save and Share buttons

"Try It": brings you to Stories camera with the AR Effect applied

Save: add the AR Effect to your Stories Camera Effects Tray

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Many Tweeters, including Wong herself, believe that this feature can be really helpful in the sense that you can save and reuse your favorite AR Effects in the future easily, unlike Snapchat, on which the Effects need to be found first before being used. 

It remains yet to be seen when the Company plans on rolling out this feature, and whether it will work as efficiently as it seems by looking at the screenshot. However, the fact that Instagram is working on improving its AR game is a sure sign of some interesting developments in the future.

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