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    LinkedIn Makes its Dynamic Ads Available in its Self-Serve Option

    LinkedIn Makes its Dynamic Ads Available in its Self-Serve Option

    LinkedIn is making it's personalized 'Dynamic Ads' available to more businesses by adding them to its self-serve ad platform in Campaign Manager.
    An example of a LinkedIn 'Dynamic Ad'
    As explained by LinkedIn:
    "Today, we’re excited to announce that LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are now available directly in Campaign Manager. Whether you’re running campaigns on your own via self-service, or working with your trusted LinkedIn account team, it’s easier than ever to send personalized ads to every professional in your target audience across LinkedIn’s desktop experience."
    As you can see from the example above, LinkedIn's 'Dynamic Ads' provide a more personalized experience by aligning the ad creative with each user. 
    In the examples shown (both above and below), you can see how the ads have taken the first name and profile image of the user and used that in the ad copy, personally addressing the person in-stream. 
    "Because the creative is automatically personalized with each member’s profile info - such as their photo, first name, company, and job title - you can capture your audience’s attention in a way that standard display ads can’t."
    To be clear, Dynamic Ads are not automatically targeted based on user interests or behavior, only their listed profile information on LinkedIn. That puts it behind other personalized ad options like Google's 'Responsive Search Ads' and Facebook's adaptive ad tools, but still, it's another option to consider, and the personalization elements can help to make your ads stand out in the LinkedIn feed.
    Indeed, LinkedIn says that Dynamic Ads have shown up to 2x the click-through rate of traditional display ads in testing.
    What's more, LinkedIn's also rolling out new A/B testing options to help advertisers optimize their Dynamic Ads campaigns directly in Campaign Manager.
    It's not an advance in machine learning and behavioral targeting, as such, but it's another option to consider in your LinkedIn process. 
    Dynamic Ads will be available in Campaign Manager for all businesses within the next week.

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