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    Instagram's Testing Video Tagging, Another Sharing Option

    Instagram's Testing Video Tagging, Another Sharing Option

    Need another reason to start experimenting with video content?
    As reported by TechCrunch, Instagram is now testing profile tagging in video posts, providing another way to increase distribution, and spark engagement with your Instagram content.
    Instagram video tagging (screenshots)
    As explained by TechCrunch:
    "The option works similarly to tagging photos, but instead of pressing the small icon at the bottom left to see the list of tagged names appear over top of the content – something that would be more difficult with videos – the button links to a list of tagged people. When you tap this button, you’re directed to a new page titled “People in this Video” with all the Instagram users who have either appeared in the video, or who the original poster wants to alert in some way."
    User tagging can be an effective way to alert users to your content, as it generates a notification in their stream. You don't want to overuse that privilege, but by prompting relevant users about your updates, you can offset at least some of the limitations caused by the introduction of the platform's algorithmic sorting, which could otherwise see your new posts buried for some users.
    Of course, you've been able to do this anyway by tagging friends in your comments, but this new process would provide a more integrated option, which also won't fill your comment stream with usernames instead of actual discussion. 
    At present, this is only a limited test, and Instagram's not giving anything away as to whether there are any plans for a full rollout any time soon. But it makes sense - you can likely expect to see it coming for all users sometime in the near future.
    Another consideration for your strategic planning.  

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