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    Online Video Watching Habits 2018 [Infographic]

    Online Video Watching Habits 2018 [Infographic]

    As anyone related to any form of digital marketing would likely be aware, video is the top performing content type, on pretty much all social networks. Videos generate the most reach on Facebook, the most engagement on Twitter, lead to more purchases on Pinterest and inspire more sharing on LinkedIn.
    If you’re not utilizing video in your strategy, you’re likely not maximizing your opportunities, and while it does take more planning, and more effort to create, the data shows that it’s likely worth the extra effort.
    To provide more context on specific video habits, Promo recently surveyed over 500 Internet users to get some insights into their digital video consumption behaviors. And while 500 people is only a tiny portion of the billions of social media users worldwide, their responses do provide some interesting perspective on general trends on platforms, viewing preferences and how video drives action.
    Check out the full infographic below.
    Graphic provides an overview of results from Promo's recent video study

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