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    LinkedIn Adds New Job Listing Tools, Including Option to Search by Remote Working Opportunities

    LinkedIn Adds New Job Listing Tools, Including Option to Search by Remote Working Opportunities

    LinkedIn has rolled out some new updates to its job listings which are designed to make it easier to find the most relevant advertised roles, and get more insights into salary expectations.
    First off, LinkedIn has now added a broader set of relevant job information under the main header, making it easier to get an understanding of the key elements.
    LinkedIn's new job listings
    As explained by LinkedIn:
    “With the new LinkedIn Jobs search experience, you can scroll through jobs details, save the job that interests you, and see all the most important information - like company size, how many applicants there are, and who in your network can help - right at the top of the page, quickly giving you the context you need to decide if a job is the right fit for you.”
    The updated listing will make it easier to scroll through open positions without having to open up each individual job post, streamlining your process.
    LinkedIn’s also adding in a much-requested feature – the ability to filter jobs by those that offer remote working.
    LinkedIn 'remote working' filter
    “Now when you’re searching for a job on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to select “remote jobs” as your location, which will return only jobs that the job poster has indicated are fully remote. You can also indicate in your Career Preferences that you’re open to working remotely, signaling to recruiters to reach out to you with these opportunities.”
    The option makes a lot of sense – according to a recent Gallup survey, 43% of U.S. professionals spent time working remotely last year, and that’s only going to increase as technology advances, and more businesses offer remote work as an option.
    The new tools will no doubt come in handy for the many workers who are keen to reduce commute time, and maximize their opportunities.
    And the last new addition is an option to search for salary insights by company – not just job title – to provide more insight into the specific wage you can expect at your dream company.
    LinkedIn's updates salary insights
    In addition to this, LinkedIn has also added new alerts for job listings at companies you follow, helping to keep you aware of relevant opportunities.
    The tools are another step forward for LinkedIn’s job tools, and with more than 15 million open positions listed on the platform, and an unmatched database of career insights, LinkedIn is in a great position to become the go-to source for such options.  
    As LinkedIn’s data tools, in particular, evolve, it will only become more valuable on this front, matching each individual to their ideal position based on a wide range of career and personal interest insights.

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