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    How to Measure Social ROI [Infographic]

    How to Measure Social ROI [Infographic]

    Social ROI can be a slippery thing. While getting Likes and followers is great, how are those elements actually contributing to your bottom line - if indeed, they are at all?
    There are also issues in the way that modern consumers interact with different devices. A person might see an ad on social, or see a post from your Page, then buy your product in a physical store - and generally, the path to purchase involves various touchpoints of this type, making it hard to keep track. And while you can, in some ways, measure the ad exposure and link that to a purchase, it's not direct. It's not always easy to put down a conversion directly attributed to your social media efforts.
    So what do you do? With social becoming a bigger part of modern interactive, and business, process, you need to be able to demonstrate your worth as a social media manager, and how your efforts contribute. This new infographic from MDG Advertising may help.
    Infographic looks at ways to measure social media marketing ROI
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