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    5 Steps to Improving Your Brand's LinkedIn Presence [Infographic]

    5 Steps to Improving Your Brand's LinkedIn Presence [Infographic]

    Are you looking to improve your brand’s LinkedIn presence?
    It’s worth considering – with Facebook putting the squeeze on organic reach and Twitter generating less referral traffic than it used to (in general terms), an increasing number of businesses are considering their options as they seek to diversify their social marketing strategies in order to lessen the impacts of such shifts.
    And LinkedIn does provide specific benefits – aside from being the professional social network, where, traditionally, more B2B interactions have taken place, the platform has also reported various relevant improvements in engagement:
    • LinkedIn members are commenting, liking and sharing at nearly 2x the rate they were last year
    • Company updates which include links earn up to 45% higher follower engagement
    • LinkedIn's member base has now grown to 575 million, worldwide
    If you are looking to get more out of LinkedIn, the company has released a new listing of simple tips to help you improve your presence and process.
    LinkedIn has provided more information on its Marketing Solutions blog, including a link to its new platform playbook, but you can check out its new, easy to follow, business checklist below.
    Listing of five tips to improve your LinkedIn company presence

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