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    The State Of Social Video Ads 2018 - #infographic

    The State Of Social Video Ads 2018 - #infographic

    Did you know that 92 percent of marketers and video creators promote their videos through facebook ads? And that 95 percent optimize their videos for “Sound off” with text overlay (caption and subtitle).

    Video ads are on the rise. Content marketers and video creators around the globe choose this engaging and effective format more than ever before to promote their products on social media.

    Wave Video reached out to video creators from all over the world and asked to describe their most successful video ads – how to make, optimize and distribute them. The infographic below summarizes their finding.

    New Study Challenges What You Might Think You Know About Social Video Ads
    Source : https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2018/06/the-state-of-social-video-ads.html

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