6 Propaganda Posters and What They Teach Us about Persuasion - #infographic

6 Propaganda Posters and What They Teach Us about Persuasion - #infographic

The significant effects of social media influencers on the popularity of brands are observable daily by all of us. Even though it may not seem like it at times, these influencers follow some tried and tested techniques that have been around since before social media was even a concept. History remembers that posters promoting war efforts or certain regimes have at times been tools that led to resounding successes for those ideas.

Propaganda posters had to convey their messages in an extremely simplistic and direct way so as to really get through to the public and convince them of an cause. The clarity of the message and the evident use of persuasive tactics makes them ideal case studies for modern advertisers. Even in today’s world, where it can seem like people are being overwhelmed with advertising messages every second of every day, there is little that beats the power of simplicity and clarity. To begin to understand and utilize advertising to its full potential, it is important to understand how human psychology plays into the decisions people make and what they choose to listen to. This is essentially the core of what advertising is, regardless of the form it takes. Knowing how to influence large amounts of people is immensely helpful when trying to promote a brand or an idea.

Using Dr. Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” as a guide, Invaluable created this infographic explaining the 6 core principles of persuasion with the help of vintage propaganda posters. They include:

6 Principles of Persuasion Explained With Propaganda Posters - #infographic
Source : https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2018/06/propaganda-posters-can-teach-us-persuasion.html

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