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The Morning Routines Of The Worlds Most Successful Individuals - infographic

The Morning Routines Of The Worlds Most Successful Individuals - infographic Many of us leave the house in the morning in a rush, looking slightly disheveled with our stomachs groaning, but some of the world’s biggest success stories have a very different image of what the beginning of the day should look like. So many successful people having quirky morning routines has left us wondering… are they on to something? This infographic, created by  Sleepypeople , sheds some light on how some of the world's most successful leaders start their day.  Source :

Here's how to make more money on Fiverr

Here's how to make more money on Fiverr As the competition to earn more increases every day, it appears so that international market inflation has decreased the overall employment opportunities. While this may be true to a certain degree, one cannot deny the fact that several new jobs have popped up as well. These works are not the ones general masses are accustomed to, but they are nevertheless well-paying. A popular class of these jobs is virtual, which is basically working for online and offline businesses. Several platforms have emerged, over the years, which provide people with such opportunities. One such domain is  Fiverr has become a popular platform, offering thousands of jobs to all classes of people. Thanks to the millions which were invested in its advertisement, there may only be a few people who have never heard of this website. A lot of people, via this domain, have begun to earn hefty sums of money. However, some still find it difficult to get paid the

The Timeline of Social Media from 2002 – 2018 [Infographic]

The Timeline of Social Media from 2002 – 2018 [Infographic] The end of the year 2002 saw the development of the modern social media platform LinkedIn. By the time of its launch in 2003, nobody could have ever predicted what a success it would become in the upcoming years, and also how it would successfully pave pathways for further domains to spring and develop. It was not after much time that the world saw the advent of Facebook - a simple site without many of its contemporary features. Although these two media did not show profitability in their initial years, and cannot certainly be regarded as immediate successes, they did, however, a few years down the lane, achieve huge economic growths. And there was no looking back after this point. Multiple features, like the like button and chat options for Facebook, and jobs and mobile versions for LinkedIn, were introduced, all of them contributing to the success stories of these projects. Other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter al

Turning Your Hobby Into A Business Through Knowledge Commerce

Turning Your Hobby Into A Business Through Knowledge Commerce More and more people are finding that in order to make ends meet or live a more fulfilling life, a side job that they enjoy is the key. While more and more people are picking up part-time work or pursuing hobbies and passions, many would love to combine these into one opportunity. A perfect way to achieve this is to become an infopreneur. An infopreneur is someone who uses their knowledge of any subject area to earn income by teaching and consulting others. Infopreneurs trade in what is called knowledge commerce, wherein they sell their expertise through products, courses, and training to students who pay from anywhere in the world. Knowledge merchants and infopreneurs can teach anything from guitar playing and putting a baby to sleep to mining cryptocurrency and programming languages.  The freelance work arena has grown exponentially in recent years, and the ability to be your own boss is the greatest benefit to being a

Take A Cue From Apple: Giving Your Customers The 5 Diamond Treatment

Take A Cue From Apple: Giving Your Customers The 5 Diamond Treatment When Apple first decided to open its own brick-and-mortar stores, the world was wary. Some thought it would be a great success, others expected a catastrophic and expensive failure. On May 19th, 2001, the first two Apple stores opened in California and Virginia. From day one, hundreds of people lined up to visit the store, a phenomenon that continues with each new release to this day. In the first weekend, Apple’s first to stores serve 7,700 customers.  Today, Best Buy stores outnumber Apple stores 5 to 1, but Apple makes 5 times the sales per store. With over $35 million in annual sales from just 270 stores, Apple stores are doing better than Best Buy, AT&T, and Verizon, in a time when tech stores across the U.S. are struggling. What sets Apple stores apart? Many believe it their customer service model, based on the hospitality practices of Ritz-Carlton hotels. The 5 Diamond Treatment From the very beginnin

15+ Incredibly Useful Google Tricks, Tools and Apps You've Never Heard Of

15+ Incredibly Useful Google Tricks, Tools and Apps You've Never Heard Of Google is without a doubt famous for its very well known services of Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs among many others. These services aid countless people around the globe each day. However, many other  features which are not that well known , are some of many interesting aspects of Google services that you have been missing out on each day. Given below are the seventeen services and products that went under the radar, albeit of being incredible on their own: 1.  Google Keep  can organize your notes and give you reminders when you’re too busy to keep the tiny details in mind. The good thing, it performs for both Smartphone and desktops so you can get reminders no matter which device you are using and you will never have to miss a deadline. 2. Google Search can serve as a timer as well if you put an amount of time in the search bar followed by ‘timer’, for example, “5-minute

The Instagram Algorithm - Decoding and Understanding

The Instagram Algorithm - Decoding and Understanding Users were dissatisfied when Instagram launched its new feed algorithm, replacing the previous popular chronological feed system. The height of frustration can be well estimated from the fact that a petition, which called for the reversal of this change, earned around 70,000 signatories in merely 24 hours. People were angry, and they were curious at the same time. Users speculated on the basis on which the algorithm functioned. From these hypotheses stemmed several myths, which circulated within the public for around two years, before Instagram finally broke its silence and answered much anticipated questions. Following are three primary and then three secondary key factors which determine what individuals see on their feeds. Along with them are tips on how businesses may improve their interactions with targeted audiences:  1. Interest This is an important discriminator between various posts. As the algorithm has several posts t

Spam Account Holders Alert: Twitter is Taking Action!

Spam Account Holders Alert: Twitter is Taking Action! As the revelations dawned upon the management of Twitter, and general public of course, regarding the manipulative role Russian linked trolls had played in the U.S elections of 2016, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, decided it was time to take action against malicious automated accounts. He also confessed that the social media domain had previously overlooked the real life negative consequences fake users on board have, and that now they want to rectify their mistakes. He asked the users to suggest ways of how to counter this issue. The gravity of this problem can be estimated from the fact that according to a report presented by Twitter’s machine learning tools, the number of potentially fake and spamming accounts had spiked since September 2017, averaging at around 10 million as of May 2018. People/celebrities normally use these fake followers to appear more influential and important, while others may employ these accounts to malign ot

Google's Ad Products Undergo Rebranding

Google's Ad Products Undergo Rebranding As the users continued to complain about the complexity of Google’s ad products, the management decided it was  time for rebranding . In a press conference, Mr. Sridhar Ramaswamy, the senior vice-president of ads and commerce at Google, briefed that this renovation would primarily be the upgradation of name, but not limited to just that. In fact, it would lead the product in the direction the company hoped it to move. The system would only feel different to the users, but in essence, its functionality would remain the same. Google’s ad products, for the sake of convenience and clarity, would be divided into three primary brands. The details are as follows: 1. Google Ads Would Replace AdWords According to Ramaswamy, AdWords would function as the “front door for advertisers to but on all Google services.” The services would include everything from YouTube videos to in-built app ads. Moreover, the domain plans to launch Smart Campaigns, whi

Google Takes the Inspiration From Pinterest For Image Search

Google Takes the Inspiration From Pinterest For Image Search Pinterest has perked up Google’s interest more than we could fathom. It has always been upright about taking “inspirations” from Pinterest's machinery, but with its recently updated version of Image search, you'll get a very strong feeling of déjà vu while browsing through the vertical results. It has come to a point now that Google is not even trying to camouflage those ideas as its own anymore as each image now comes with a sufficiently detailed explanation of its belonging. If you're browsing a product that has its ties to Google Shopping, you'll be notified if its available or not along with a link that you could order it with. A hint of Al-related options are also available, not very striking in similarity visually, but recognizable enough. While explaining to  TechCrunch , Google responded with: "We're constantly experimenting to improve our experience with Google Images and don't have an

Did you know YouTube Announces New Monetization Tools for Creators as the Online Video Battle Heats Up

Did you know YouTube Announces New Monetization Tools for Creators as the Online Video Battle Heats Up The online video battle is heating up, with Facebook increasing its pressure on YouTube through the  expansion of Facebook Watch  and the launch of Instagram's ' IGTV '. And while Facebook has the lure of a bigger audience, YouTube’s not going to give up its crown easily. In response to Facebook’s renewed push, YouTube has  announced a range of new tools of its own , with a big focus on giving creators more ways to monetize their content – something Facebook's yet to master with its offerings. Here’s what’s been announced: Channel Memberships First off, YouTube's rolling out a new channel membership option, which will enable creators to charge a recurring, $4.99 monthly fee to give viewers access to: “…unique badges, new emoji, Members-only posts in the Community tab, and access to unique custom perks offered by creators, such as exclusive live