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    Periscope's Expanding its 'Super Broadcaster' Streamer Payments Program

    Periscope's Expanding its 'Super Broadcaster' Streamer Payments Program

    Periscope has announced that their Super Broadcaster live-stream payments program is now being expanded to more regions, with Central American and South American regions now able to access the program, as well as those who broadcast in Spanish language (in available areas)
    Periscope introduced their Super Broadcaster program last June – the option enables viewers to purchase packages of ‘Super Hearts’ which they can use during streams by eligible creators.
    When users do post a Super Heart, not only do they get to use a special animation, but the majority of the price of that heart also goes to the broadcaster, enabling streamers to directly profit from their work.
    YouTube has a similar program (Super Chat) while Facebook recently introduced its own ‘Tip Jar’ option, which is, at present, focused on boosting appeal to gaming broadcasters.
    Periscope expanded the original Super Broadcaster program to more regions last month, and is now providing access to even more regions. As yet, the platform hasn't revealed any official usage stats, while questions also remain around the future of Periscope as a platform, considering you can now live-stream within Twitter itself.
    Of course, without the usage data it’s tough to speculate, but Periscope would be hoping that live-stream payments take off the way they have in China, where streaming has become huge business.
    You can get more information about Periscope’s Super Broadcaster program here.

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