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    Facebook Releases 'Topics to Watch' Report for March, Highlighting Key Trends

    Facebook Releases 'Topics to Watch' Report for March, Highlighting Key Trends

    Facebook has released its latest ‘Topics to Watch’ report, which shines a light on the key issues and subjects seeing significant increases in mention volume across The Social Network.
    To create their monthly Topics to Watch reports, Facebook’s data researchers use their processes to detect terms and subjects which are rising in discussion rates. The benefit for marketers is that these trends can be used to better inform your content approach by tapping into such trends before they get bigger. According to Facebook, up to 80% of the topics they've identified via their monthly reports have gone on to become more significant movements, so getting in now could help you stay ahead of the curve.
    So what’s gaining momentum on The Social Network?
    With wine-related discussion on the rise, ‘decanter’ has seen a big jump in conversation volume.
    That obviously has immediate applicability to beverage marketers, and it’s definitely worth noting this, and the highlighted surrounding trends across The Social Network.
    Drop, in a musical sense, is also seeing an increase in discussion.
    Interesting to note, too, the associated topics, with Instagram also featuring heavily within this discussion group.
    Floating shelves are also rising in interest, with Pinterest and IKEA noted as key conversation references.
    If you’re looking to add a DIY promo at your hardware store or related business, might a good one to consider.
    I’m not as clear on this one, but ‘frequency response’ is another key trend of note.
    Those in the industry no doubt understand the surrounding discussion.
    Here’s another, more specialized one – ‘sodium laureth sulfate’.
    And the last key trend of note for March is ‘world currency’, which seems directly linked to the rising Bitcoin discussion.
    There’s a wide variety of topics there to consider – if any of these have immediate application to your business, it might be worth putting together a blog post or related product special to tap into the increase in attention.
    As noted, Facebook’s Topics to Watch reports can be a great help in guiding your content direction, as they help identify key subjects which are likely to become larger trends within their respective industries. There won’t always be something for you, but if anything stands out or sparks any ideas, the data suggests it’s probably worth looking into. 

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