Rock the Holiday Sales Season: Checklist and Recommended Apps

Rock the Holiday Sales Season: Checklist and Recommended Apps

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Sale… You’ve already checked tons of tips about preparing your store for holiday sales. Luckily, in X-Cart, you’ve got ready apps to implement the ideas quickly and cost efficiently.
Leave nothing to chance with this checklist accompanied by ready solutions, both for X-Cart 5 (Free, Business, Multivendor, Ultimate) and for X-Cart Classic (Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum).
To make the process pleasant for you, we’ve put the features on sale: save 20%–99% on tools and services on October 19th-26th, 2017*.

1. Make sure your discount tools are in place, enable and test them

To avoid fuss on the day of sale, check if you have everything on hand to meet your sale tactics in advance: putting all products on sale, arranging special offers for some groups of your customers, making discounts on particular products, offering free shipping, etc. Enable corresponding addons and test them to make sure everything works properly. Do not underestimate cart abandonment reminders. An average cart abandonment rate is 70%, and it increases on holidays as customers browse products in several stores at a time and just forget to complete their order.
That said, you might need the following sales tools. Some of them are available as part of your X-Cart, and all others are available at 20% Off.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4

2. Prepare banners, catchy promo texts, timers and anything that will attract your buyers’ attention

When visitors are in your store, you’ve got less than 10 seconds to capture their attention. Leverage visual attention tools to inform them about your awesome sale and create a certain mood! Use banners, popups, and countdowns to attract their attention, add a sense of urgency and lead them to the deal. Bring joy and festive atmosphere to your store with decorative elements or new design.
The following tools for promotion and design will help you to implement your visual tricks – get any at 20% Off.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4

3. Plan on several sales channels to reach more buyers

You’ll be behind competitors unless you use all possible sales channels. There are different places to promote and list your deals: your blog, friend’s site, partner’s gift guide, needless to say about the power of big eCommerce marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and social networks like Facebook. Last but not least, you can always count on good old email newsletters to reach more buyers with your offer. The multi-channel retailing strategy may double your holiday revenue.
X-Cart has got some useful features to help you with it, both free and paid. All commercial addons are available at 20% Off and subscription services at 50% Off on the first month.
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4. Ensure prompt assistance and implement other perks that make buyers enjoy shopping in your store

With all else being equal, they will buy in the store where they get the best customer experience whether it be great loyalty program, relevant and quick product search, attentive customer support, quick access to product reviews, easy shopping on any device, shopping for gifts for their nearest and dearest, etc. Check if you have enough inventory and update your catalog accordingly. Also, it’s a good practice to let them preorder products which are out of stock at the moment and send back in stock or price drop product notifications.
We’ve picked the popular addons to help you gain more loyal customers. Some of them are already a part of your software edition, and others can be purchased with 20% discount. Subscription services first month is discounted for 50%.
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5. Check if your SEO is in good state and your buyers can find you in search engines

Many customers start their shopping route typing in their request in search engine, and if you’re not in the top search results on the first page, they may never find you. So, take care of your SEO.
The tool monitoring your site SEO issues for X-Cart 5 is available at 20% Off. Besides you can order X-Cart SEO consulting service.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4

6. Check your site speed, security and capacity, do backups to avoid downtime

Holiday Season means increased traffic. Can your store handle it and ensure 100% uptime during these busy days? Site speed is especially important, as shopping season is a rush time for customers, and they won’t wait. Optimize your site performance and security and don’t forget to make a backup to be able to restore your site right away in case something goes wrong during the sale.
The addons to help you with the above said are available at 20% off today and X-Cart Hosting service at only 1$ for the first month of any plan – good chance to get a taste of it to see how fast your site can be.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4

7. Configure fraud protection tools to avoid endless manual orders review during the rush time

Fraudsters activate on holidays turning the orders review into a nightmare, so don’t forget about the tools to fight fraud and protect your customers’ sensitive data.
Most of the fraud protection services integrate with your store via X-Payments. Today, you can get the first month of it at 50% off.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4

8. Enable tracking and analytics tools to explore your tactics and methods efficiency

Your experience is the best teacher. Analyze the results of each of your sale campaigns, explore your customers’ behavior, see what coupons worked best and what products sold best to make your next sale campaign even more profitable.
The addons are discounted at 20% or available for free as part of your software edition.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4

9. Mark shipping deadlines in your calendar to ensure timely orders delivery

Delayed delivery results in refunds, loss of customer trust and extra expenses. Check the holiday season shipping cutoff dates with your service provider to timely delivery. The deadlines infographic by our partners from Shipstation should help if you use FedEx, UPS, USPS.
In your X-Cart, you’ve got many tools to manage your shipping efficiently. Most integrations with the services are available for free as part of your edition.
X-Cart 5X-Cart 4
Need something special for your sale period?
*Only the first payment for the services is discounted. The offer is valid for new subscriptions/hosting packages and is not applicable to service prolongations.

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