Facebook is one of the top social channels that businesses use for social media marketing. Agencies that handle social for multiple businesses clients are required to manage many Facebook fan pages and groups for each one of them. Usually, you have a dedicated social media manager for each client but that doesn’t solve the problem. You need a process or a system where you can manage all the pages from one place. How do you do that?
Facebook’s advertising service was launched 13 years ago. One can say that it has come a long way in optimizing the service offering for its business users. Facebook’s Business Manager is every social media manager’s answer to the question of ‘How to manage Facebook ads for multiple clients?” The tool is built in such a way that it is now easy for agencies to scale their client base as you do not have to toggle between multiple Facebook accounts. With the help of Business Manager, you can
  • Manage multiple Facebook accounts
  • Run ad campaigns on multiple pages
  • Manage applications
  • Collaborate with agency team members
  • Provide different access levels based on their roles
  • Easy reporting from one place
  • Work with clients and partner better
The aim of this guide is to help you put together all the resources that will prove useful for agencies when managing Facebook ads for clients. But first things first, do you or your client have a account?
1. Head over to and click Create Account
Business Manger_1
2. Enter the Agency name, your name, and email address.
3. Select the page you’ll be using for Business Manager. You can search for the page by typing the name in the search box. If you don’t have a page already, then you can create one from here.
4. Next, you’ll need to add your ad accounts.
5. Next, you’ll need to bring your team members aboard. Add the email address of the people you wish to invite and assign relevant permissions and roles.
That’s all! You’ve created your Facebook Business Manager account successfully.


Next, you will need to assign assets to your Business Manager. This can be done only after your client has also set up their Business Manager and have given you Admin access.
2. You will see two Business Manager accounts
3. Click your client’s Business Manager
4. Head over to settings
5. Click Assign Partners
6. Enter your Business ID (you can find it in the URL path)
7. Click Connect
8. Next, go to your agency’s Business Manager
9. Click settings, go to the ‘People and Assets’ tab
10. Scroll to find Ad Accounts and you will be able to see the ad account shared


The next thing to do is to assign your clients’ assets to your team members based on their roles and tasks.
2. Click your Business Manager
3. Click settings
4. Click People and Assets
5. Then click Ad Accounts
6. Click Add People
7. Search for them and assign a relevant role
8. Click Save Changes
You’re all set. Now, let’s quickly familiarize you with the other tools within Facebook that you will be frequently using when managing ads.


This tool is used to create and manage ad campaigns, set campaign goals and ad budgets, see how your ads are performing, get billing summary, etc. This is a tool that you use for everything that is ad related for each client.
Ad Manager_Facebook


This is a code snippet that is required to be added to your website. It helps you track traffic from your ad campaigns and optimize it based on the results. You will not get the required data on your ad campaigns if you do not install Facebook ad pixel. It is also necessary to add important events such as Add to cart when installing the pixel.


This is probably one of my favorite tools. It has been designed in a way to meet the requirements of advertisers who create plenty of ads and need good control over the campaigns they are running. As an agency, it is highly important that you make friends with this tool.


Facebook Business Manager is capable of handling all your ad management needs. However, agencies use social media management software to help manage social profiles for their clients. Hence, they often look for software that will allow them to manage Facebook ads as well from one place. Here are top three software that you can explore for Facebook ad management, in no particular order.


Qwaya is probably one of the top software that is used to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns. It has plenty of features that make Facebook advertising easy. Some of the key features include
A/B Testing Ads and Audience
A/B testing is important for any kind of marketing. If you are not A/B testing your ad campaigns, you will not know where to direct your spend in the future campaigns. With Qwaya, you can test each variable of the campaign to ensure that your ads perform well and also see a good ROI.
Qwaya_Ad_AB Testing
You can enhance your ad campaigns for better reach, by running campaigns at optimal times. To help you achieve this, Qwaya allows you to schedule your campaigns in advance so that they are published at the right time when your audience is online, no matter the time zone you belong in.
Qwaya_Scheduling_Facebook Ads


Apart from it being a social media management software, Hootsuite offers social ad management as one of its products. It helps you take Facebook advertising to a whole new level. Here’s how.
  • Create and optimize Facebook ads in no time
  • Quickly reallocate your budget based on performance
  • Automate your spend based on ad performance
  • Boost organic content from within Hootsuite
  • Bring your team and collaborate with them
  • Manage access and permissions
  • Connect your CRM and email marketing tools
  • Measure real-time performance using multiple metrics
  • Export and share analytics with clients
  • Automate delivery of reports to clients
  • Make informed decisions using real-time data and metrics
  • Work with marketing strategists to boost your campaigns


AdEspresso is an ‘automatic ad optimization’ software. This is a product of Hootsuite but slightly different from Hootsuite Ads.
A/B Test Campaigns
Similar to any ad management software, it offers options to A/B test your Facebook ad campaigns. You can create multiple versions of the ad and test it with different target audiences. That’s plenty of testing! You can also choose where you want these ads to be shown and at what time.
Adespresso_Facebook_Ad Manager

AdEspresso has a clean UI that makes data reading easy. It has great visuals that help you understand data better. It also offers you options to customize the dashboard so that you can focus on the most important metrics for each client. It also gives you a detailed analysis of your ad campaigns. This will help you identify areas of improvement for your clients.


You know by now that Facebook enjoys over 1.3 billion daily active users. This only means one thing—opportunity for you and your clients. It’s up to you to turn this around in your client’s favor. Once you have a Facebook marketing strategy in place, you can work on optimizing it using a Facebook Ad Management software.
If you have already used one of these tools to manage Facebook ads for your clients, share your experience with us. If you use a software that isn’t part of the list, let us know with a comment. Let’s keep the social conversation going!

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