Top 5 Egyptian Slots Infographic

Top 5 Egyptian Slots Infographic

The secrets of Ancient Egypt tempt us for no reason. We dream about visiting the majestic pyramids, meeting the mysterious Sphinx and walking down the streets the Pharaohs used to walk. Some of us make these dreams come true and some of us still wait for the chance to come.
Like many of us, you've probably imagined yourself as a heroic adventurer, braving the perils of Ancient Egypt in search of untold treasures, returning home rich, and winning the heart of some sexy research assistant during your adventure – come on – you know you have. The great news is the world of online slot games lets you do all of that and more! 

There are some very popular themes running throughout the plethora of Ancient Egyptian based slot games, and most of them revolve around the Book of Ra (Similar to the movie The Mummy), finding a Golden Ark (just like Indiana Jones), or delving into the world of the beautiful Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra – the choice is yours. 

The list of Egypt-themed slots is very long and you can see all the best games at our website, but here we've collected them all on one page for your convenience.

Top 5 Egyptian Slots

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