Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Brands on Instagram infographic

Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Brands on Instagram infographic

With Instagram more popular than ever, brands and social media marketers keen to understand how they can use the social network more effectively for their business. One vertical that is really getting the most out of Instagram is beauty. As a highly visual platform, Instagram is a natural fit for Beauty Brands and we have the numbers to prove it. With a large collection of filters, formats, and Influencers at their disposal it's no wonder that the beauty industry receives more interactions than any other industry. This infographic from Socialbakers illustrates how Beauty Brands have transformed their glamour grams into social media success.

Influencers play a key role in social media marketing for beauty brands on Instagram. We see brands doing a really good job of mixing celebrity influencer content with user generated content. On average 87% of the top performing content posted by beauty brands is coming from ordinary users and beauty enthusiasts.

Other ways beauty brands are driving up their engagement on Instagram is by mentioning the names of the retail outlet from which their products can be bought. The data clearly shows that brand-retailer and vice-versa shout-outs really pay off! Reciprocity plays a big role in helping beauty brands to boost their interactions and reach a broader audience.

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