Determining the Right Influencer Type for your Campaign

Determining the Right Influencer Type for your Campaign

Content marketing campaigns work best when you work with an influencer in your industry. The difficult part is finding an influencer who's willing to promote your content or collaborate on projects. If you can create a mutually beneficial relationship, your brand will get increased exposure and engagement from potential customers. Influencer marketing helps take your content marketing efforts to the next level and is worth the effort.

The following infographic provides information on how to choose the right influencer and ensure they are working well for you. Not every influencer will help your brand get the attention and engagement you desire. You need an influencer with a large audience and the type of engagement that will convert for you. Before reaching out to potential influencers, ensure that the relationship will be good by analyzing the influencer's audience, activity, and history.

There are three types of influencers, and each will have a different impact on your brand. Most small businesses can’t afford influencer relationships with celebrities, but there are plenty of peer influencers who have an audience worth capturing. Most have websites and social media accounts where you can share brand content. Learn how to gauge influencer potential, approach the relationship, and terminate influencer relationships that don’t work in this infographic from Intellifluence and CopyPress.

Determining the Right Influencer Type for your Campaign #infographic

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