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Design a Successful Email with the Really Good Email Checklist (infographic)

Design a Successful Email with the Really Good Email Checklist (infographic) Creating an awesome looking email campaign that also converts is not difficult if you have the right guidance. Campaign Monitor and Really Good Emails have teamed up to give marketers a little help in doing just that with this essential email design checklist. This infographic-style checklist contains actionable tips to get every part of an email just right. For example, to help get opens for your email, keep your subject line personal and engaging. Subject lines may not be considered a design feature, but as one of the most important pieces of an email, they’re important to understand. Images should be relevant to your content, interesting, and balancing out the text of your email. This just scratches the surface of the handy information available, there’s heaps more.  From the subject line of your email, through the links, content, and fonts all the way to the footer, this checklist will help you make

6 Ways Social Media Can Help Build Customer Loyalty (Infographic)

6 Ways Social Media Can Help Build Customer Loyalty (Infographic) With the booming of the digital age came a ton of opportunities for many people – ranging from personal endeavors, business goals, to other activities in between. With the numerous benefits that the digital age has provided for all kinds of people and personalities, it’s important to start taking advantage of this, especially when it comes to new platforms, to expand operations and boost business growth. While it’s true that websites and social media are all effective as platforms for promoting products and services, it’s also just as important to use these channels effectively in order to strengthen one of the most important aspects of any business: customer loyalty. Unlike other methods available, social media offers the uniqueness of connecting with your business’ customers on a personal level. It acts as a hotline between each one of your customers along with a few other benefits that every marketer and busine

14 Microsoft Programs You're Not Using But Should (infographic)

14 Microsoft Programs You're Not Using But Should (infographic) Why is Microsoft so shy? While other operating systems make a big song and dance about the additional software they come with, many people can last the whole lifetime of a Windows version without realizing the extent of the software inside. Never has this been truer than with Windows 10, the latest PC OS which is packaged with an incredible range of administrative apps, creative tools and productivity programs. If you’re running Windows 10 on a PC, you are seriously urged to put a morning aside to run through the programs list and check out what you’re missing. Game DVR, for example, is a powerful screen-recording app, which can now be set to record just the software you specify. This is really helpful if you’re trying to record a tutorial for YouTube, or just want to keep a record of your gaming prowess without accidentally recording your regular digressions to Facebook and Twitter! 3D Builder is a useful 3D mod

How to Build a Better Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Build a Better Social Media Marketing Strategy As the page is turned to 21st century, technology has brought so many changes to our lives although we were satisfied with what we had, these changes are warmly welcomed and adopted for the better and progressed life. The concept of Social media marketing is one of the changed perceptions. In previous century, marketing meant to show a 30 seconds ad to viewers to let them know about the products offered. The main reason behind was less competition constricted variety of choices available. Now it is not that simple, the strategies are quite changed. You not only need to present your product in a way that it is proved better than others of the same family quality wise, competitive price range and advantages comprised. You not only need to gain their attention, but also make them trust upon you that if they choose you, they are picking the best out of available products in market. Here we are stating a few main points which you m

8 Best Online Businesses to Start This Year

8 Best Online Businesses to Start This Year Work for yourself without renting office space by starting an online business. Sell your skills, your expertise, or your crafts by filling an online niche for an industry or a community. It's amazing how you can figure out how to sell what you're good at if you just find the right angle. Become a purveyor of your skills or teach other people what you know, and start making money. SEO Specialist Do you understand how long-tail keywords and link building work? Lots of businesses need help with SEO to improve their search engine rankings. A lot more than keywords goes into SEO, and if you have a knack for using Google Analytics and scoring leads, then you might just fit the bill as an SEO specialist or consultant. You have a couple options here: you can create web courses that business owners and managers can buy to learn more about SEO, or you can hire out your skills to improve the SEO of a business' website and social me