How Much Time Do We Spend on Social Media In Our Lives? (infographic)

How Much Time Do We Spend on Social Media In Our Lives? (infographic)

If you think you’re spending too much time on your phone, you might be right. Influencer marketing agency Mediakix found that the average person spends 5 years and 4 months on social media in a lifetime. This is equivalent to traveling to the moon and back 32 times, walking the Great Wall of China more than 3 times, and watching the entire The Simpsons series more than 215 times. In the context of our daily activities (excluding sleeping), it places only second to watching TV in overall time spent. Astoundingly, we spend more time on social media than we spend eating or drinking and socializing with people face to face.

The infographic from Mediakix breaks down the average daily time spent on each major social media platform, including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Unsurprisingly, social media users are spending the most time on YouTube, averaging 40 minutes, followed by Facebook, averaging 35 minutes, then Snapchat at 25 minutes, Instagram at 15 minutes, and Twitter, averaging 1 minute a day. Over a lifetime, this is 1 year and 10 months on YouTube exclusively, 8 months on Instagram, and 18 days on Twitter. Check out the infographic below to see exactly how we spend our time on social.

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