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8 Useful Tips To Help You Blog on a Budget!

8 Useful Tips To Help You Blog on a Budget! Gone are the days when we used to run blogs for free. These days, the upfront costs for running blogs are like pulling your hair out. Yes, it is THAT bad. There are countless tools involved in maintaining a blog. And it pains us to say that those tools are quite pricey. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you need to have a frugal plan with you. So what can we do to run a blog on a budget? In this article you'll discover a bunch of tips that can help you run a blog without any extra greens flying out of your wallet. Begin Planning Your Blog Apart from saving money, there is also the stress, headache and the time that you have to account for. Of course, this requires an intense level of planning. You have to carefully weigh your options well before you can even think about launching your blog.  The first thing that you need to plan out first is your niche  or the kind of topics that you would like to write on.

Infographic How responsive are retailers to consumers on social?

Infographic How responsive are retailers to consumers on social? Are retail brands ready for the social media holiday rush? Will they keep pace with their customers’ expectations and respond on social quickly? The stakes are higher than ever for retailers this holiday season, with the National Retail Federation estimating that holiday sales will increase to  $656 billion  this year. Lithium Technologies'  State of Social Engagement 2016  study for the retail industry uncovers how well Fortune 1000 retail brands are engaging with consumers across social platforms. The study reveals that the retail industry did well in interacting with their consumers, providing insights into the products they sold, posting content about getting the most from those products and often linking to promotions that can drive sales. As retail brands seek to garner attention from consumers during the holiday rush, it is crucial for them to engage, listen and respond to customers on social media. In

25 Ways to Learn Faster (Infographic)

25 Ways to Learn Faster (Infographic) So little time, so much to learn... but worry not! If you need to prepare yourself for an exam or need to learn something new for your daily tasks at work, taking a look at this infographic is a great idea. It will help you smarten up on a particular topic in a short time, by only taking into account these 25 smart tips for your mind and your body. There are so many experts researching the brain and even learning about how to learn can seem a Herculean effort in itself. That’s why the work of all these researchers has been distilled into this handy infographic produced by  Writemypapers . The infographic runs through 25 of the most effective ways to set your body and your mind to the task of learning new things.  Have you ever thought that your brain also needs a warm-up before a learning session? Do you use a learning agenda and different learning tactics? If your answer to all these questions is no, it’s time to read these 25 tips to learn

Top 10 Cheat Sheets And Infographics To Help You Master Digital Marketing

Top 10 Cheat Sheets And Infographics To Help You Master Digital Marketing Since digital marketing first exploded into the marketing scene, it has been growing at an exponential rate, which can make it difficult for an aspiring digital marketer to become a master in the field.  Though marketing resources vary widely and include television, billboards and radio, what comes to mind when people are talking about digital marketing platforms are the internet, social media and mobile. The latter three platforms are subject to many changes and it is for this very reason that marketers find themselves struggling to stay on top of every trend and change.  This post comprises 10 digital marketing cheat sheets and infographics, which will help any aspiring marketer to get into the digital marketing field and capture relevant audiences. Affiliate marketing This is a form of internet advertising that allows individuals to market a company’s products and get paid when they generate sales, l