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How to Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Traffic And Conversion

How to Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Traffic And Conversion Did you know - in one day, we create  1.5 billion pieces of content ?  With the bombardment of articles, blogs , white papers by businesses, people seem to have become desensitized towards static content. In fact, Content Marketing Institute reveals that over  58% marketers believe that their content does not create opportunity for engagement. People now look for and essentially demand content that yields enough power and substance to get them involved, engaged and entertained, in equal measures. The competition on the web has become fiercer making marketers believe that creating content that can summon apt attention and interest from their target audience with their existing content is difficult, even downright impossible. But things aren’t that bad! All you need to do is to use your existing content and present it in a fashion that it takes elements of your brand and showcase those elements to the world in a

The Effective SocialMedia Marketing Tactics You Need To Try Today

The Effective SocialMedia Marketing Tactics You Need To Try Today Social media marketing  has taken the entire world in its hand. It’s an important part of everyone’s life today. However, businesses have identified its significance for building their strong reputation among people. Yet, not everyone masters the art of effectively utilizing  social channels .  Today, you can find a number of social media experts, providing tips and guidance to businesses on maintaining their social presence. It becomes difficult to opt among the different strategies, as which one is more effective and will work well for your business.  According to a survey on  statista , it is estimated that 2016 will mark approximately 2.13 billion social media users, globally. Hence, which social media marketing tactics should be opted to reach a large number of audiences? Read on to know about the relevant answers. The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics Every social channel has its own significan

Google’s Off Page Ranking Factors Are They Fact Or Myth?

Google’s Off Page Ranking Factors Are They Fact Or Myth?  If you’re in a competitive industry and trying to achieve SEO success simply optimising your website for a set of keywords may not be enough. Google’s algorithms also use a number of off page factors to decide which sites should rank above others. It has long been known that the number of relevant and authoritative domains linking to you are the major factor that boosts your websites external reputation, but there has been much conjecture about the effects of other external factors such as social signals and link building schemes. What should you believe and what should you ignore? Unfortunately Google doesn’t disclose the full algorithm they use but they have made a number of statements on their own blog and through social media comments that have enabled the SEO industry to form some kind of educated guess as to what helps and what doesn’t. Northcutt have collated multiple sources of data into one huge study ( which

The Definitive Guide To Creating Amazing

The Definitive Guide To Creating Amazing Visual contents are currently dominating the online world. Infographics, being one of the most popular among visual content, are powerful tools to get more audience and exposure on the internet. That's why you need to not only make them good, but spread them out to the right place and right audience. Here are 5 nifty  infographics , designed by  Milkwhale , that'll walk you through the process of creating viral infographics. 1. Where and When You Need an Infographic There are tons of infographics out there, but there are places and occasions in which your infographics can stand out of the others and get more exposure. This graphic will explain further details about those place and occasions. 4. Static vs. Interactive Infographic What do you prefer? A still, poster-like image with useful information or an interactive visual with interesting features you can toy around with? This infographic will tell you more about the two.

YouTube Advertising Reach Facebook & Playstation Audiences With Google AdWords

YouTube Advertising Reach Facebook & Playstation Audiences With Google AdWords When a YouTube video is being watched by your customer and you are given the option to advertise your business to that customer, on that video - would you do it?  It makes sense to target watched (or viral) videos with adverts across multiple networks and devices - a bit like winning a prime time slot on TV. However, sourcing an expert to create and market a video ad for your business is probably equivalent to a prime time nightmare. As you can see on the share to Facebook (SoTrender ad), some advertisers avoid the problem of needing videos and use text ads/banners instead. Read more below to learn more about YouTube advertising. In-Video AdWords Banner Ads on Facebook Why Advertise on YouTube? If the current 'mobile friendly' trend is your focus, OfCom reported mobile video advertising as the fastest growing ad format in the year examined. Having said that, mobile banners and