Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening? [infographic]

When you work with an organization for years (or even months), the industry lingo, company product offerings, and mission statements become ingrained in everything you do. For marketers, this can be both a blessing and curse: Being knowledgeable about your industry is crucial to good marketing, but it may also come with a knowledge bias that makes it difficult to think inside the mind of your actual customers.

Many marketers think they know what customers need or what interests them. In reality, however, their customers may be interested in something completely different. This is why social listening is important to your marketing and sales strategy. It allows you to provide better customer service, gather incoming leads, and learn more about what gets your audience engaged.

On social media, your customers may already be telling you what type of information they want. It’s up to your team to figure out how to translate it into content they will read.

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