Few months ago, Google announced that April 21 onwards it will start indexing its search engine results on the basis of how mobile friendly (and thus user friendly) a website is. In the weeks that followed the internet and the social media saw a frenzy of people wanting to know what affect the April 21 update will have on their online business. The algorithmic update is still under a lot of speculation and it is still not clear what all it entails to website owners and SEO professionals except the fact that if you don't have a mobile friendly website, then time is of essence for you. But what exactly makes a website mobile friendly. What is a good mobile website all about?

To answer these bewildering questions and to help website owners as well as SEO professions, we at Clixlogix crafted this infographic so that you can optimize your website just the way Google wants it.

Infographic by: clixlogix

Mohamed Elarby

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