This infographic illustrates the 16 essential skills for a successful SEO career at each key level, Executive, Manager/Director and ultimately Head of SEO. The essential SEO skills are:

1. Communication and people
2. Content
3. PR and publicity
4. Outreach
5. Link acquisition (other activities)
6. Creativity / ideas
7. Social media
8. Analytical
9. Leadership and management
10. Commercial / financial
11. Web / technical
12. Integration
13. Planning
14. Strategy
15. HR
16. Entrepreneurship

The graphic depicts each role with a distinctive colour and illustrates the level of each skill required to be successful at each career level. This would be useful to anybody pursuing or considering pursuing a career in SEO. But it can also be used as a checklist as your career progresses. Set your sites on the top role in your SEO career and monitor your progress in each skill. Identify gaps to fill with training, development and experience.

Infographic by:

Mohamed Elarby

A tech blogger focused on blogging tips, SEO, social media, mobile gadgets, pc tips, how-to guides and general tips and tricks.

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