What do you know about keywords? It is important part for websites. Because of correct keywords people will be able to find your website in search engines and correct SEO strategy will make your website ranked in top of search engine results.

But how to know, what is the best and correct strategy for your website? To get answer for this question, you have to analyze your website. When you are doing analysis of your website, especially in google analytics, you will notice that there are a lot of "Not Provided" keywords? What does it mean and how to analyze it?

We created this nice infographic that will help you to analyze such keywords and organize your SEO strategy. Here are explaining what is it and how unlock suck keywords. Take a look of it infographic and start organizing your SEO plan right now!

Infographic by:

Mohamed Elarby

A tech blogger focused on blogging tips, SEO, social media, mobile gadgets, pc tips, how-to guides and general tips and tricks.

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