Kahuna Mobile Marketing Index: Mobile Dominates Email and App Retention Skyrockets with Smart Messaging

The smartphone tucked into just about every modern consumers’ pocket is dominating the way customers interact with companies. Whether it is app downloads, email, web browsing or an eCommerce transaction, the mobile device is now the most powerful portal by which consumers interact with brands.

Brands that succeed in mobile marketing know how to keep customers engaged, keep them opting into a push notifications and keep them interacting with an app.

Personalized mobile messaging can increase app retention rates by nearly 300 percent, according to a new Mobile Marketing Index report by Kahuna.

The report, which relies on anonymized data from more than 400 million user profiles, shows that 86 percent of email is viewed on mobile, and opt-ins and app retention dramatically increases when brands use personalized messaging.

View more of the report’s findings in the infographic below, or download the entire report here.


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