30 December, 2013

When you should apply for Google AdSense account

When you should apply for Google AdSense account

I have seen there are many who end up with the blogging because they didn’t get approved by the Google AdSense, all the new bloggers thinks that blogging is all about making money and after being disapproved by the Google AdSense they used to give up on blogging !

Well blogging is not only about money, well in the beginning when i have started blogging at that  time my primary goal was to be approved by the Google AdSense but my blog was rejected for the couple of the time and the main reason behind it was a new blog and not having much content on the blog. You should have at least 50 fresh and unique articles and your blog should be at least 6 months old if you are living in the Asian country and if you want to apply for the Google AdSense account early like using 1 month old blog then your niche should be impressive and make sure you have added your blog in to the Google webmaster tool.

You should have Top Level Domain
Well, as we all know that Google AdSense have changed their approval process for the hosted sites (like Blogger, YouTube ) while applying through the Google AdSense using the hosted sites you will have just hosted account not Full Account.

Without having good traffic, having Google AdSense account is nothing because your blog will not make money without having enough visitors and you can make near about 3$ if and only if your blog have more then 1000 page views.


You should wait for the perfect time to apply for the Google AdSense account and remember one thing that you can have only one Google AdSense for the same address and payee name and i just recommend publish 1-2 articles a day and then after 6 months apply for the Google AdSense account you will have thousands of visitors and you will make more money from the Google AdSense.

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